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Thank you for visiting my tribute to Final Fantasy Tactics, the truest role playing game in the Final Fantasy line.  Here you will find as much info as I could scrounge out of the game. 

Characters, Jobs, Treasures, History and much more can be found here. 

This site is very graphic intensive, because it is more fun that way, but please do not leech from it!


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Updates - 12/30/05

Updated the layout of the Specific Roles section.

Updates - 12/29/05

Finally added a Propositions section!
Added a Rumors section!

Updates - 12/23/05

New Sketches section!
Updated the look of the Lucavi section.
Added character icons to the History Makers section.

There have been  adventurers to discover the truth.

Created on 12/14/03.  Final Fantasy Tactics, its characters, and story is ©Square-Enix.


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